How to change the Ringer in Chatsie Mobile

Chatsie Menu lets you change the ringer tone and volume on your mobile.

To change the ringer for the phone:

  1. Open Main Chatsie Menu on your mobile and tap “Other options”. You must scroll down to see this option.

  2. Then tap “Change ringer”.

  3. In the Change ringer screen, tap any of the following options as required.

    • Select ringer tone: Tap this option to change the ringer tone. On selecting this option, a screen displays where you can view the list of all available tones. Tap Listen in order to preview the ringer tone. Tap Select this sound to choose the desired ringtone. Your current ringer tone will display at the top and you can tap to listen to it.

      Note: On selecting a tone, Chatsie needs to get permission from the mobile device’s settings to do this change. For this purpose you will be navigated to the mobile Settings screen to assign the required permissions to Chatsie. Assign the desired permissions to Chatsie Menu in order to apply the selected ringer tone.


    • Select ringer volume: Tap this option to select the desired ringer volume. On tapping this option, a screen displays where you can view different options related to ringer volume such as, Loud, Extra Loud, Medium, Quiet, etc. Select the required option to adjust the ringer volume. When you select an option, the ringer will start making a sound at that new volume so that you can hear what that volume is.