How to connect to Chatsie on the web

By using Chatsie on the web, you will be able to control how Chatsie looks on your phone. This includes selecting what can and cannot be done using Chatsie (e.g. enabling text messaging and phone calling), as well as changing what is and is not visible on the Chatsie Menu (e.g. adding/hiding apps visible on the menu).

You will need both the mobile phone with Chatsie fully installed, as well as access to a web browser to manage Chatsie on the web.

On Chatsie Menu on your phone:

  1. Tap “Other options”, and then tap “Advanced”. Tap “Manage on web”, and Chatsie will generate a 5-letter code. This code will be valid for 5 minutes, after which a new code will be generated.

On your web browser:

  1. Visit
  2. Underneath the header “Manage a phone”, enter the 5-letter code generated by Chatsie on your phone, then click “Continue”.

  1. You are now connected to Chatsie on the web!

Note: In order to disconnect from Chatsie on the web, click “Log out”. On your computer, you will be returned to the “Manage a phone” page. On your phone, you will be returned to the “Advanced” page.

You can also disconnect from Chatsie on the web via your phone. To do this, tap “Disconnect from web”, and then tap “Yes”.

Note: The “Syncing” message at the top of the screen will show briefly when saving changes. It will display indefinitely if you are having connection issues.