How to Delete a Chatsie Contact

You can delete any contact that is saved in your Chatsie phone app through the Chatsie Menu or via Chatsie on the web.

The procedure for deleting a contact through the Chatsie Menu is as follows:

On the Chatsie Menu, tap “Other options”, and then tap “Edit saved numbers”. The “Tap a number to edit it” page is opened. Tap the saved number you wish to delete, and then tap “Delete this number”. You will be asked if you are sure you want to delete this number. Tap “yes”, and the contact will be deleted.

The procedure for deleting a contact via Chatsie on the web is as follows:

  1. Connect your phone to the Chatsie on the web.

  2. Click Add and edit contacts to delete any contact under the selected phone.
    The list of existing contacts displays.


  3. Click the desired contact to be deleted.
    The Edit page displays.


  4. Click Delete contact.

    The system prompts to confirm the deletion for the selected contact.


  5. Click Delete “Contact Name”. For example, Delete “David”.

    After pressing, the selected contact will be deleted and you will be navigated to the phone’s properties page.