How to Display Menu Button Over Apps

Chatsie lets you overlay a Menu button above third party apps to easily return to the Chatsie Menu.

If Chatsie Menu is installed, this feature is on by default. You can disable/re-enable this feature through the Chatsie Menu, or via Chatsie on the web.

To enable/disable via the Chatsie Menu:

  1. Open Chatsie Menu and tap “Other options”.

  2. Then tap “Advanced”.

  3. Tap “Check settings”. This will display the “Recommended settings” page.

  4. Scroll down and toggle “Menu button over apps” to “ON” to enable. To disable, toggle to “OFF”.

To enable/disable via the Chatsie on the web:

  1. Connect the phone to Chatsie on the web.

  2. Click Edit Settings.
    The Settings page displays.

  3. In the Settings page, enable Menu button over apps and click Save Changes.

    Note: The “Syncing” message at the top of the screen will show briefly when saving changes. It will display indefinitely if you are having connection issues.

    After enabling the Menu button over apps option, the mobile user may be asked to grant permission to the app to display the Menu option over the third party apps. You can also alter this permission in the phone’s settings.

    Note: The Menu button over apps may be turned off automatically in Chatsie web if the required permission is revoked through the mobile phone.

Once the “Menu button over apps” option is enabled, the following Menu option/ribbon will display at either top or bottom while opening any third party app. You can change the positioning of the banner by clicking Move.

Menu ribbon

In the image below, you can see the Menu option appearing on the top while using WhatsApp.

If you click on Menu, you will be directed back to the Chatsie Menu application. When you click Move, the Menu ribbon will be moved either from top to bottom or bottom to top. For example, if the Menu ribbon is currently displaying at the top then on tapping Move, it will be moved to the bottom.

If the “Menu bottom over apps” option is disabled, the Menu ribbon will not be displayed over any 3rd party apps.