How to Import Phone Contacts to Chatsie

You can import contacts saved on the phone into Chatsie in just a few steps. The procedure for importing contacts from the phone to Chatsie is as follows:

  1. Connect your phone to the Chatsie on the web.

  2. Click Add and edit saved numbers.
    The list of existing contacts displays.

  3. Click Import phone contacts.
    A pop-up displays where you’ll be asked to confirm whether you want to import all the contacts from the android phone to Chatsie.


    On selecting “Import contacts from phone” all contacts from the android phone will be imported into Chatsie. The system also displays the total number of contacts that have been imported.

Note: If the “0 contacts have been imported” message displays while importing contacts, there could be multiple reasons. 1) There may be no contacts stored on the phone. 2) There may be connectivity issues between the phone and Chatsie web. 3) Chatsie Menu may not have permission to access the phone’s contacts.

Note: The imported contacts will be automatically added to Chatsie Menu for making calls. Similarly, imported contacts will be added to Chatsie Menu for sending texts if the Text Menu option is enabled. To enable sending text for a contact, refer to How to Allow Mobile Users to Send Texts

Note: You can also edit/modify or delete the imported contacts if required. To modify or delete any contact, refer to How to Edit Chatsie Contacts and How to Delete a Chatsie Contact.