How to Make Calls to People not in Your Contacts

Chatsie Menu lets you make calls to any number which is not saved as a Chatsie contact.

Note: You must install the Chatsie Calls app and set it as the default phone application.

The procedure for making a call is as follows:

  1. Open Chatsie Menu on your mobile and tap “Call someone”.

  2. In the “Call someone” menu, tap “Dial a number”. This will open up the dialler.

  3. Enter the phone number that you want to call and click Next.

  4. Then tap “Call it”.
    The calling begins for the specified number and you will be navigated to the calling screen.

    Note: You can also save the phone number that you’ve typed in by clicking Save it. To add contacts, refer to How to Add Contacts in the Chatsie Menu.


    If Chatsie Calls is installed and set as the default app on your phone, you can use the following features during the call.

    • Use Loudspeaker: Enable this option to turn the loudspeaker “ON”. By default, it is disabled which means loudspeaker is “OFF”. Tap the toggle to enable or disable this option.

    • Make me silent: Enable this option to make yourself silent or mute. By default, it is disabled. Tap the toggle to enable or disable this option.

    • Show numbers: Tapping this option displays a dial pad that can be used during the call.

  5. Tap Hang up to end the call anytime.
    The Call ended screen displays.


  6. Tap OK.
    You will be navigated back to the Chatsie Menu.