How to Read Texts on mobile

If Chatsie Texts is installed, Chatsie lets you read text messages on mobile.

To do so:

  1. Go to Main Chatsie Menu on your mobile.
    The Chatsie Menu application opens.

  2. In Chatsie Menu, tap Read texts.

    Note: If there are any new text messages, a green badge will display along with the Read texts option. This badge will display the following: “X new” (X is the number of new text messages you’ve received). For example, “8 new”.

    Note: If there are no texts stored on the phone, then if you tap "Read texts”, a notification will appear saying “There are no texts yet”. Simply tap “Go to Menu” to return to the Chatsie Menu.

    If there are text messages available on the phone, then on tapping “Read texts”, the Which texts do you want to read screen displays. In this screen, you can view the list of all conversations.

  3. Tap the conversation to read its messages.
    The messages of the selected conversation display.

    For each message, you can view its receiving time and sender information.

  4. Tap Draft a reply if you want to reply to the conversation currently opened.
    The text editor opens.

  5. Draft your message and tap Send message.
    The message will be sent.

    For more details on sending a text, refer to How to Send Texts to a Contact