How to Send Texts to people not in your Contacts

Chatsie Menu lets you send text messages to any number which is not currently saved in your contacts.

Note: It is recommended to install the Chatsie Texts app and set it as the default SMS application.

The procedure for sending a text message to a number not in your contacts is as follows:

  1. Open Chatsie Menu in your mobile and tap “Text someone”. You may have to scroll down to see this option.

  2. In the “Text someone” menu, tap “Text a new number”. This will display the dial pad.

  3. Enter the phone number that you want to send a text message to and click Next.

  4. Then tap “Text it”.

    Note: You can also click Save it to save this new number as a Chatsie contact. To add a contact, refer to How to Add Contacts in the Chatsie Menu.

  5. Draft your message and tap Send Message.
    The text message will be sent to the specified number.

Note: If the text message has failed to send due to any reason, a screen will display showing the following error message: “Text didn’t send”. Click OK to go back to the text editor where you are drafting the message.